Our "Chief's Truck Campaign" was created to meet the basic need for transportation in Native communities.



These original works of art are for sale and  were created by artists specifically for this Campaign. For more information please contact The Arts in Action via email at Artisana2@yahoo.com


What we are envisioning:



In the future we would like to develop this campaign into a larger effort to provide trucks to other reservations who are in need of basic transportation. Trucks for Tribes will be a loftier goal and will require possible corporate partnership. 



A stable of amazing artists are now producing art for our next campaign focusing on the horrors of human trafficking. Our wish is to come alongside Becca Stevens and Thistle Farms in Nashville with our participation in aiding her Magdelaine house. For more info see www.thistlefarms.org



The Arts in Action will continue to curate quality art and vet the finest charities and people who would benefit the most by this collaborative effort. We are planning to launch 4 Campaigns per year by 2018.